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What we do

Greenspace can host 3 profiles: Environment Space,
Health & Safety Space and Climate Space

Our Applications

Our Products

Legal Register Icon LEGAL REGISTER Take the hard work out of compliance by keeping up to speed with your EHS obligations with our Legal Register. view
Risk Manager Icon RISK MANAGER Define and manage your risks with a photo-illustrated Register of Environmental Aspects and a Register of H&S Hazards. view
Compliance Auditor Icon COMPLIANCE AUDITOR Demonstrate you have met your Compliance Obligations and stay on the right side of EHS Law. view
Improvement Tracker Icon IMPROVEMENT TRACKER Put continual improvement at the heart of your management system. view

Our Services

Our Services

Climate Resilience Present your strategy for Climate Resilience in a changing world. view
RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT Environmental Social Governance (ESG). view
MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Host your Environmental, Energy & Health & Safety Management securely on Greenspace. view