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The Legal Register is a bespoke, consultant lead service that provides Environmental, Health and safety and Data Security legal registers tailored to your operations. We work with you to filter out non-applicable legislation.

Your completed register provides a summary of applicable UK and EU legislation and a link to the source text. The summaries communicate the key requirements and guidance (such as ACoPs) clearly and concisely.

We can also summarise how the legislation applies specifically to your organisation. Alternatively you have the facility to record this information.

A Red, Amber, Green compliance indicator clearly indicates your compliance status with each item of legislation.

Legislation is grouped by topic (e.g. chemicals, water etc) and may be assigned as directly or indirectly applicable. The service also includes forthcoming legislation and other requirements, which may include policies or codes of practice to which the organisation subscribes.

The Legal Register has a search and filter function allowing users to pinpoint legislation by categories including territorial extent and applicability.

Super user


The Super User function allows group managers of multisite operations the ability to manage compliance across their portfolio of sites. Using Super User, Waterman produces one overarching Legal Register which includes all legislation applicable to all operations within the group. You can then use the Super User function to compile site specific legal registers for each facility within the group.

The Super User Register is only accessible to the Super User manager. Individual sites only have access to their own legal register, containing only legislation relevant to that site/department. The Super User manager can access and edit all legal registers within the group and assign or remove legislation from each legal register.

The Super User function provides significant cost savings compared to having bespoke registers for each site within the group. See diagram.

Super user


Waterman reviews and updates all UK and EU legislation on a monthly basis.

All subscribers receive a monthly email update of changes that may affect them as well as information on forthcoming legislation, consultations, guidance and offences.

Updates are also stored on your online Legal Register site for ease of reference.

Updates are bespoke and only provide information relevant to your organisation. Any changes are automatically updated in your online register.



Waterman undertakes legal compliance evaluations allowing you to develop a clear understanding of the requirements necessary to ensure legal compliance with all items of directly applicable legislation. Our service also allows you to identify any areas where improvements are necessary. Compliance evaluations are undertaken to ensure conformance to ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 or can be undertaken as a standalone or corporate exercise.

Our approach includes a thorough examination of documentation, observations of working practices on site, interviews with relevant staff, reviews of maintenance records, monitoring reports and any other applicable records as well as a desktop study of publicly available information.

Following the exercise, Waterman reports findings on the online legal register. Non compliances are reported in an Action Tracker which allows you to assign responsibilities and deadlines to all findings and subsequently record your preventative and corrective actions.


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